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We Care Card

Great savings with excellent care!
Many generic medications available at discounted prices!
Generic 30-day                                   Generic 90-day
$4.00 (to $8.00)                                        $10.00 (to $15.00)
What is the We Care Savings Card?
We Care Savings Card is a prescription savings program offering reduced prices on the largest assortment of prescription drugs.  By lowering the retail price of pharmaceuticals, We Care Savings Card provides much-needed relief for anyone struggling with high healthcare costs today.
Will We Care Savings Card really save me money?
Absolutely.  We Care Savings Card offers significant savings for all cardholders – patients without insurance, patients with coverage that doesn’t include their prescribed medications, and patients who exceed their coverage limits.  Regardless of the reason, if you’re paying out-of-pocket for your prescriptions, We Care Savings Card will save you money.
Does We Care Savings Card offer benefits not available through other drug discount programs?
Yes! What makes We Care Savings Card so unique is its coverage: while many pharmacy discount programs offer reduced prices on a few hundred generic medications, We Care Savings Card lowers prices on thousands of prescription drugs, including many of the most commonly prescribed generics, maintenance medications and brand name drugs.  No other pharmacy savings program, large or small, can surpass the coverage offered by We Care Savings Card.
How do I sign up?
Bring this brochure into Community Pharmacy to sign up for your free membership card.  Present your card whenever you have a prescription filled at Community Pharmacy, Inc to receive premium service and special pricing, not only on prescriptions,, but also on special advertised over-the-counter products available through the We Care Savings Card!